Welcome to 2325 42nd Street Northwest Condominium.

We're located in Glover Park, in Northwest Washington, DC, across the street from Glover-Archbold Park.

2325 42nd St NW
Washington, DC 20007-4957


Property Management

The condominium is managed by EJF Real Estate Services.

Online Services

For your convenience, there are various online services pertaining to the condominium that are available to owners, renters, property managers, and other interested parties.

Discussion Group, E-mail List, Community Forum

There is a Yahoo! Group that you may join, pending moderator approval, by visiting the group and signing up there. The group allows you to participate in discussions with other members via e-mail or your Web browser.

The Yahoo! Group is replacing the e-mail group formerly hosted by GroupSpaces.

Official Condo Documents, Rules & Regs, By-Laws

Owners, renters, and property managers may obtain all official condo documents online via EJF's Web portal. Please contact EJF or the Board of Directors for further details.

Support and Contact

Board of Directors


Management Company (EJF Real Estate Services)